Sept. 18, 2015

Permission transfer production license P8a; accession Petrogas E & P Netherlands BV, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Van Dyke Energy Company (Van Dyke) is the holder of by order of the Minister of Economic Affairs (Read more...)


Dec. 2014

Van Dyke Returns to Dutch Sector

One of the industry’s first independents to explore in the offshore Netherlands has returned to the country in Block P8a, where Van Dyke Energy has assumed operatorship from Grove Energy (Read more...)


Nov. 20, 2005

Has This Man Found the Next Gusher?

With oil near $60 a bbl., a mystery of geology becomes more and more intriguing: Where will we find the next great oil discovery to rival such gushers as Alaska's North Slope or Britain's North Sea? (Read more...)



Van Dyke Energy Company North Sea Activities

WHY THE NORTH SEA?  Divided into two areas, with primarily gas to the south and oil to the north, the North Sea has yielded prolific discoveries over the past twenty-five years. (Read more...)